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Panasonic battery: it's better to accumulate energy in silence than to wait for you to start school
Time:2020-04-07    Source:Panasonic Battery (Shenyang) Co., Ltd.    Views:333
Panasonic battery: it's better to accumulate energy in silence than to wait for you to start school

Panasonic battery

There were moments when we wanted to open school indefinitely

Now I'm looking forward to hearing the news of normal classes

This spring, our knowledge is led by the Internet

This spring, our exploration is not limited to that online class

I can't wait for you

It's better to accumulate energy in silence


When you look at each other!

Your energy accumulation, accompanied by Panasonic energy

"The imaginary online class is to sit in front of the computer and wait for it strictly. In reality, the online class is half lying in bed and can't afford it..."

What is your online class status? Did you get the chance?

Let's take a new look at the new year's event of online class! Under the epidemic situation, people in every post are quietly sending out their own energy to support the country, so the best feedback from students to the country is to quietly accumulate energy and study hard.

How can I save energy silently without the company of Panasonic battery?

Who is calling the clear sound in the early alarm clock to pull you from the hotbed of dreams into the ocean of knowledge?

Who is driving the pronunciation in the learning machine you are reading over and over again without tiredness?

Who calculated the exact root sign, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division in the calculator you beat without any mistakes?

Who is measuring the time in the electronic watch when you are doing the question, so that you can seize every minute?

Panasonic battery's energy release is willing to help your energy accumulation!

Panasonic battery has long-term release, environmental protection and strong adaptability


Panasonic battery has good power storage effect, does not damage electronic products, and has a long term of validity and low self discharge.


Panasonic battery will not cause environmental pollution or have a profound impact on human body and property during the environmental protection period from the production date.


Panasonic battery has a wide range of applications, no matter calculator, clock and other electronic products can cope without pressure.

The day of school

Panasonic battery looks forward to witnessing a better you

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Addr:Beijing haidian district zhongguancun building overspending: 18 floors  Tel:400-007-1400    
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