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Panasonic battery reinforcement epidemic prevention and control information content
Time:2020-04-07    Source:Panasonic Battery (Shenyang) Co., Ltd.    Views:320
Panasonic battery reinforcement epidemic prevention and control information content


1. Panasonic electric (China) Co., Ltd. donated one million yuan to the Red Cross Society of China on January 25 this year to purchase medical surgical masks, protective clothing, protective glasses and other emergency supplies for epidemic prevention.

2. Guangdong Panasonic natural environment system software Co., Ltd. donated 10 ziaino indoor space sterilization and deodorization machines imported from Japan on January 23 this year. Before the closure of Wuhan, the aviation parts were delivered to the Central Hospital of Zhongshan University, Wuhan people's Hospital, Wuhan Xiehe and Wuhan Zhongshan Medical Hospital for use. On February 3 of this year, 100 air purifiers were donated to Ronggui street of Shunde City where the company is located, which is applicable to the epidemic prevention and control work of local governments.

3. Wuhan evaluation store of Kangjia system software marketing planning company means Kangjia. On January 31 this year, it donated 20 sets of medical disinfection ethanol 5 boxes to Hubei TV station.


1. Panasonic electric mechanical and electrical engineering processes electronic devices in one hour, which are prepared all over the world and delivered in seven days, to help the production and manufacturing of medical devices in an emergency

On January 24 this year, Panasonic electric machinery and Electrical Engineering Co., Ltd. received the daily task of emergency production and manufacture of a batch of anesthesia machines and virus infection checkers to assist in the epidemic of pneumonia in Wuhan. However, it is not enough to deal with the inventory of the key electronic devices, which are often needed in the production of mechanical equipment. Picn contacted the Japanese processing plant for emergency response, and the Japanese side attached great importance to it. Under the condition that the production line is overloaded and the production capacity is extremely anxious, picn immediately contacted Konka Indonesia processing plant to determine the inventory and carry out the return and exchange in the global scope. With the help of mutual cooperation and diligence, the problem was solved successfully in just one hour.

2. Tangshan Panasonic robot welding team to rebuild the container house of Beijing Xiaotangshan Hospital

The intelligent robot of Tangshan Panasonic industrial chain equipment company (pwst) has been used for welding medical beds and emergency vehicles in Hubei Province, Guangdong Province, Wuhan City, etc. Last year, Chengdong container house was delivered to the intelligent robot service center of Hebei company, equipped with IOT robot welding, and more than 50 Kangjia 350fr two protection welding machines. At this time, it is also adding enough horsepower to rebuild the electric welding container house for Beijing Xiaotangshan Hospital.

Tangshan Panasonic robot welding team to rebuild the container house of Beijing Xiaotangshan Hospital

3. Report on the 24-hour service support front of Panasonic system software marketing planning company

In order to ensure the smooth and safe work of the radio and television network staff in the front line of epidemic prevention, the television broadcasting business department of system software marketing planning company (psccn) stipulates that the technical consultation should be on the spot, and the 24-hour service support and after-sales maintenance service will be provided in the special period when there is no way to go on the spot, which is applicable according to the strong service guarantee such as remote service.

4. Panasonic battery refrigeration system software (Dalian) Co., Ltd. has gathered 17 employees to help build "Xiaotangshan" in Dalian City, which is full of food, clothing, heating and air duct installation during the day and night

Building Xiaotangshan mountain in Dalian“

Building Xiaotangshan mountain in Dalian“

In order to strengthen the Anti Japanese War pneumonia epidemic situation, the new type of dog parvovirus infection centralized rescue management center of Heilongjiang province (Dalian city) was registered in the Sixth Central Hospital of Dalian. All the 55 hospital wards must be renovated to the room standard air pressure of minus 20 PA 。 In the process of air duct installation and heat insulation, the construction period of iceberg group is only three days. On February 6, iceberg group clearly put forward support regulations to Kangjia refrigeration system software (Dalian) Co., Ltd. (paprsdl). Paprsdl attached great importance to it and immediately allocated and implemented them. It seconded front-line staff and zero line support from the whole Dalian city including Zhuanghe. At 12 o'clock on the day, 17 employees of paprsdl gathered, arrived at the site of project construction, renovation and transformation, and quickly grasped their responsibilities. During the day and night, funds were invested in the sniper battle of air duct installation.

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